UCM CSE 168 - Distributed Software Systems

UCM CSE 168 - Distributed Software Systems

Course information for UCM CSE 168 - Distributed Software Systems, which will be taught in Autumn 2021 for undergraduate students.

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UCM CSE 168 - Distributed Software Systems

  • Instructor

  • Course times and location

    • Synchronous Lectures on Monday & Wednesday, 4:30 pm - 05:45 pm
    • Period: Aug. 25th - Dec. 10th (about 15 weeks)
    • Location: CLSSRM 113
    • Final exam: CLSSRM 113; Dec. 17th, 3:00 - 6:00pm
  • Office hours

    • Wednesday 3:30-4:30 pm or by appointment. If possible, please email me in advance if you plan to come to office hours.
  • TA Information

    • Arjun Kashyap
    • Office hours: Tuesday 4:30-7:20 pm.
    • Location: KOLLIG 202

Course Description

  • Covers the foundations of distributed software systems and their practical designs. Includes concepts and principles of distributed systems (e.g., consistency, availability, scalability, etc.); programming models for distributed computing (e.g., batch/streaming processing, RPC, Key-Value, etc.); distributed storage systems (e.g., indexing, replication, partition, and erasure coding, etc.); and convergence of HPC, Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing with modern distributed systems.

  • More details can be found at: https://catcourses.ucmerced.edu/courses/22270/assignments/syllabus

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated in any form, including cheating on exams/assignments, using answers found online or from external sources, copying from other students, etc. Instances of academic misconduct will be reported promptly to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Course Prerequisites

Knowing basic concepts of Operating Systems, Big Data processing and management is highly recommended.

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