UCM EECS 268 - Datacenter-Scale Computing

UCM EECS 268 - Datacenter-Scale Computing

Course information for UCM EECS 268 - Datacenter-Scale Computing, which are usually taught in Spring semesters for graduate students.

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UCM EECS 268 - Datacenter-Scale Computing

  • Instructor

  • Course times

    • Synchronous Lectures and Paper Discussions on Tuesday and Thursday
    • Period: About 15 weeks

Course Description

  • In this course, we will study the hardware, systems software, and advanced topics in the field of datacenter-scale computing. We will learn topics such as modern datacenter architectures and trends; computation, memory, networking, and storage systems, etc.; hypervisor- and container-based virtualization; application frameworks; serverless computing; and cross-cutting issues such as scalability, availability, reliability, efficiency, etc. The course is a combination of lectures and paper reading. Students will read up to four papers per topic and submit brief summaries. For the paper reading, we will start with a student presentation of the papers followed by a discussion.

  • More details can be found at UCM CatCourse System.

Academic Misconduct

Academic misconduct will not be tolerated in any form, including cheating on exams/assignments, using answers found online or from external sources, copying from other students, etc. Instances of academic misconduct will be reported promptly to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Course Prerequisites

Knowing basic concepts of Operating Systems, Data Center Architecture, is highly recommended.

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