We are very happy to announce that our book on 'High-Performance Big Data Computing' is finally getting launched by the MIT Press.

HPBDC Book Cover

The book provides an in-depth overview of an emerging field that brings together high-performance computing, big data processing, and deep learning. It is targeted at students, researchers, and professionals working in these fields. Suitable chapters can also be used in graduate and/or senior-level classes. It contains the results of many state-of-the-art research directions and publications done worldwide.

A short overview of this book is as follows:

The book covers basic concepts and necessary background knowledge, including data processing frameworks, storage systems, and hardware capabilities; offers a detailed discussion of technical issues in accelerating big data computing in terms of computation, communication, memory and storage, codesign, workload characterization and benchmarking, and system deployment and management; and surveys benchmarks and workloads for evaluating big data middleware systems. It presents a detailed discussion of big data computing systems and applications with high-performance networking, computing, and storage technologies, including state-of-the-art designs for data processing and storage systems. Finally, the book considers some advanced research topics in high-performance big data computing, including designing high-performance deep learning over big data (DLoBD) stacks and HPC cloud technologies.

More details on this book are available from here.

Congratulations to all the authors!