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Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Cloud Computing may be the most flamboyant technological innovation over the last two decades. Nowadays, Cloud Computing technologies have been widely adopted into the mainstream than any other technology in the community. However, current-generation Cloud Computing platforms with hypervisor and container enabled virtualization still have a lot of issues on not only performance, energy efficiency, but also other aspects.

(Note: Logo is designed by PADSYS Lab. All rights reserved.)

PADSYS Lab members are actively doing research on this direction to contribute more ideas and designs to the community for building more efficient cloud systems in the future. We are particularly interested in the following topics:

  • Hypervisor- and container-enabled virtualization
  • Live Migration
  • HPC Cloud
  • Microservices, FaaS, and Serverless Computing


Thanks a lot for NSF's support on this research direction!

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