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Scalable Hybrid Memory Systems

The modern memory and storage architectures and technologies have been evolving rapidly in these years. More and more advanced features, such as persistent memory (PMEM), NVM Express (NVMe) based SSDs, have been made available to the community. These emerging hardware devices and the associated features open up a lot of new research opportunities for HPC, Big Data, AI, and Cloud Computing systems and applications.

(Note: Logo is designed by PADSYS Lab. All rights reserved.)

PADSYS Lab members design and develop fast and scalable hybrid memory systems and libraries for the emerging hardware architectures. For cloud computing and HPC systems, I/O has been a significant bottleneck for a long time. We believe our libraries and systems will be very helpful to boost the performance for a broad range of I/O intensive applications running over clouds and HPC clusters.

Our research can benefit many I/O intensive workloads such as MPI I/O, Hadoop, Spark, TensorFlow, and so on.


Thanks a lot for NSF's support on this research direction!

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